Flat Design Trend

As we all know world is moving to online. Now the time is being smart and as a Web designer, need to care about website. Now these days Flat Design is IN and Web 2.0 style is passing. Glossy buttons, floating marques, reflection of images – these styles are now outdated.

Over the last few months, everyone is talking about Flat design on web. Importance fact about this “trend”, Even larger companies like Google, Microsoft, Skype have followed this “Trends”. And Apple also have provoke the recent flat design craze in iOS. Yes, most of companies has changed their website design to Flat design. Earlier Birth of websites, we had text-based sites, then after new Trend was in Flash based sites, after skeuomorphism we had, and now we have “Flat Design”.

Another importance of the “Flat design” style is strong focus on color. Color is more powerful part of your websites. It defines your company and your product. Designers are experimenting with new color shades like belize hole blue, green sea, alizarin, pumpkin, midnight blue.

Beautiful typography and defining color is key foundation of “Flat Design”.

Web 2.0 styles effects such as Emboss, bevels, drop shadows, gradients, textures, heavy background images, patterns are not used in flat design. Flat Design call the simple, quite complex and user-friendly, and it is growing maturity within the industry for desktop and mobile users. Of course, Flat UI is not use for every websites, people also like some trendy designs. But Flat UI is more user-friendly. User can easily pop with products and detailing.

One of the point is that, yes it is benefits for SEO and site loading problems. Search Engine is heart of web. With beautiful typography we can rank our site on web. Search engine can easily read website meta and users can easily approach. Flat UI is one of the solution of loading issues. With heavy backgrounds and animation site is taking count of time to load and User can move with other websites.

So “Flat Design” is beneficial for end users and also for developers. What you think? Share your thoughts.

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