Why UX design matters for websites

User experience – UX, for short – is how a person feels when interacting with a digital product. UX encompasses a lot of factors, some that are controllable by designers and developers and some that are environmental or just user preference. These factors include usability, accessibility, performance, design/aesthetics, utility, ergonomics, overall human interaction and marketing.

The future direction of website development is absolutely advances through technology and it becomes rooted into every aspect of our daily lives. Users are more demanding the user experience rather than just a flashy design. The fact is that design matters a lot, but web designers no longer just make websites look elegant. We see that users demand better user experience, technically the flow of user stories. Experience design is based on research about how humans want to interact on websites or an application which is very different from the traditional web design and development. The new way of work around is to make easier for user-friendly from the human centered approach.

User Experience, commonly simplified as UX, is more than a concept—it is an approach which has in recent years become known to the digital industry as intelligent approach to website design. UX designers traditionally think more strategically than a general web designer, thinking more scientifically behind psychology, and ethnography to build personas.

There are four key fundamentals of user experience design:

  • Information architecture (IA)
  • Interaction design
  • Usability
  • Visual design

Why It Matters

In terms of design, user experience is just as important as visual identity. It doesn’t matter what your site or app looks like if people don’t know how to interact with it. And moreover, they need to enjoy that interaction.

While UX is important for any digital product, it is even more important for certain types of digital products: complex sites or applications, retail or online sales, start-up sites and businesses, small-budget projects and projects or sites that are expected to last a long time.

UX is the key for complex sites, users must be able to understand how it is use and how it navigate. Neglecting UX can result in a gloppy site and users will not come back. Developing with an interaction and rich experience will drives users back to site.

User experience is the key for small and start-up businesses as well because the site is their first impression to users and this entrance matters when it comes to directing future traffic and business to your product.

In a way, user experience bridges Design and Business. The right time to change your website to modern  look and experience has come now. UX design brings a feel to where people are, be it on their mobile phone or laptop. We can say that a website with perfect user experience and effective user stories should probably the most powerful step of creating a successful business and customer relationship.

User Experience is an art form of its own.

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